Modern Technical College offers a Bachelor of science in Medical Laboratory technology[ Bsc MLT ] program. It is a four year program that aims in preparing middle level medical laboratory technologist who are equipped with the knowledge , skills and attitude competencies required for them to function as efficient care provider, teacher and middle level manager in the hospitals as well as in the different health care settings.

Objectives of BSC MLT

Medical laboratory scientists are specialized health professionals who provide vital information about a patient’s state of health. Their input is vital in the diagnosis of disease and in monitoring its treatment. Modern Technical College will use an integrated approach in teaching and learning since medical laboratory technologist need to acquire a broad range of scientific education. The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology degree correlates scientific finding with strong foundation of core science courses. The students could expand their knowledge in Physiology, Anatomy, Medical Microbiology, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, Serology, Mycology, Hematology, Histopathology, Cytopathology and Blood Banking.

Selection criteria

Candidates who have passed 10+2 Biology or Certificate Level in Medical Laboratory Technology with at least 50% on aggregate from the recognized educational institute by Tribhuvan University are eligible to appear in the common entrance examination conducted by Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj ,Kathmandu, Nepal. Only the candidates on passed list are eligible for the admission.

Students’ enrolment of BSC.MLT program

Year Batch Students Remarks
2011 1st 22 Graduated
2012 2nd 22 Graduated
2013 3rd 29 Graduated
2014 4th 27 Graduated
2015 5th 30
2016 6th 30
2017 7th 28
2018 8th 40
2019 9th 40